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Discover the pursuits of an aspiring Author, an experienced Crafter and a developing Educator.

Let your imagination run WILD!

Hello! Welcome to our Garden!
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My name is Sui. 

I'm the guardian of Writing and Teaching.

I'm a little demon and my creativity knows no bounds!

Welcome to our Garden!

And my name is Ava.

I'm the guardian of Creative Pursuits and Shop Manager.

You can't see it but I have a little golden halo but I'm far from angelic.

Welcome to our Garden!

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Soft Firelight Creations, home of all things craft and creation. Click through for craft projects in progress, product reviews, and online store.


Wellspring of Roses

Wellspring of Roses, home of writing and the written word. Click through for original works, fanfiction, and online store.


Training Grotto

Training Grotto, home of education. Click through for resources, video-on-demand, and course development.

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