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Garden of the Black Roses is the umbrella title for three projects: Soft Firelight Creations (Craft), Wellspring of Roses (Writing), and Training Grotto (Education).

The aim of this project is to collate all three projects into one single site for ease of those who are interested in two or more of the projects listed. 

Please enjoy your wander through the garden and hopefully what you find sparks your own imagination to grow wild and prosper.



Sharlyn (Sui)

Author, Creator, Educator


I'm the main owner, creator, designer, etc of the project Garden of the Black Roses. I've been using the project for various things since 2009 and aim to continue until my coffin is nailed shut.



Graphic Designer


Logos for all three sub-projects under Garden of the Black Roses as well as custom graphics for each was designed by me.

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