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2020-11-03 07.15.37.jpg

Amigurumi Octopi - AUD $2


I love these little guys. When I saw the pattern on Mohu Mohu and made my first one I felt I needed to make more. Below is the link to the website so you can see and make your own Octopi if you like or buy a pre-made one from me.

Macrame Bracelets - AUD $1


I use to make these all the time when I was in high school so there is no pattern as such aside from what I have in my memory..

2020-11-01 15.55.28.jpg

Amigurumi Ghost - AUD $2


I was looking for a Halloween pattern and found this little cutie on A Morning Cup of Jo and wanted to add him to my list of shop Mainstays.

Below is a link to her pattern and maybe you might find something that takes your fancy

2020-11-01 15.57.45.jpg

Felt Cat - AUD $2


I found this curious little pattern while surfing Pinterest. While I don't know the true origin of the little pattern, I'll add a link to the pin I found this little guy from.

download (6).png

Wax Owls - AUD $5


I did soap moulding for a while and had a few owl moulds lying around. 

These guys are made from recycled wax melts used in a warmer. They often have a residual scent to them as well.

There are currently 2 types. Those with a wick and those without. There is no price difference between the two.

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